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Supercars take over Rural France – Le Vigeant and L’isle Jourdain 86150, France 4th June 2020!!

We are very excited to announce that the dates for 26eme Edition Sport & Collection 500 Ferrari Contre Le Cancer otherwise known as “Ferrari Weekend” are now set for the weekend starting the 4th of June 2020.

Supercars of all descriptions vintage and new descend on the sleepy rural villages of Poitou Charante in France for a weekend of fundraising and driving. You can be forgiven for thinking you might have diverted to Monaco during this weekend due to the enormous number of Super Cars you will see driving on the roads, parked at the supermarket etc. It is a sight to behold and a dream for the car enthusiasts!!

Saturday morning from about 7am is a good time to head into the village centre of L’isle Jourdain as this is the day that all the cars are registered one by one and drive past the many members of the public sitting outside the cafes enjoying their drinks while taking in the extraordinary sight.

The main event is organised through the local international Racing Circuit du Val de Vienne which is located approx 5 km from L’isle Jourdain and close to the the village of Le Vigeant. The circuit is open to the public, go and take a close up look at all the cars, there are also all sorts of stalls selling everything from scented candles to Ferraris!!

The Circuit du Val de Vienne is well respected and is one of the largest in France. There are many other events at the circuit throughout the year but Ferrari Weekend is without a doubt the Big One!

Accommodation nearby can be scarce for this weekend so book well in advance or be prepared to stay further afield.

26eme Edition Sport & Collection 500 Ferrari Contre Le Cancer, Circuit du Val de Vienne, Ferrari Weekend, Le Vigeant

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